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At Audiobomb they're developing what they like to call "A New Wave of Poolside Innovation." Specializing in combining technology with State-of-the-Art waterproof materials.

Phone:  225.926.3751     Fax:  225.924.7969     Website:  www.audiobomb.com

Cardinal Systems / Quaker Plastics

Originally founded to create steel wall swimming pool panels, our growth over the past 35+ years has established us as a leader of the pool industry, becoming the country’s largest single supplier of panels, steps, coping, and components. Concentrating on Inground Package Pools / Deck Forms & Drain Products.

Phone:  570.385.1029     Fax:  570.385.1318     Website:  www.cardinalsystemsinc.com

Compu Pool Products

Based on the Gold Coast of Australia, Compu Pool Products produces the highest quality Salt Chlorine Generators in the industry today.  These high performance systems let the end user enjoy perfectly clear pool water without the use of harsh and expensive chemicals.

Phone:  888.989.7258     Fax:  407.880.6483     Website:  www.compupool.com.au

Deep Blue Water Technologies

Started in 2002, Deep Blue Water Technologies is the leading innovator in High Tech hard water management solutions.  The MPULSE 3000 is the premier technology application for making scale management in pools more manageable. 

Phone:  877.882.4695     Fax:  520.887.0092     Website:  www.4deepblue.com


Delta-UV provides ultraviolet solutions that are safer for you and better for the environment. UV Light disinfections are environmentally friendly, add nothing to the water, and doesn't generate harmful DBP's. It destroys bacteria, virus, algae, cryptosporidium, giardia, in seconds without leaving any harmful end products.

Phone:  866.889.8765     Fax:  310.480.3501     Website:  www.deltauv.com

Filbur Manufacturing

Filbur Manufacturing provides quality Pool & Spa Filter Cartridges and DE grids. They offer unmatched quality materials to produce their filters. From antimicrobial end caps to center cores, they set the standard for quality within the industry. 

Phone:  888.424.9185     Fax:  714.670.8301     Website:  www.filburmfg.com

Natural Chemistry

Natural Chemistry is the leading specialty chemical manufacturer in the swimming pool industry. Our goal is to provide the best possible product to either solve a problem, or enhance the swimming experience for the pool owner, or user. We started out as the primary provider of enzyme and phosphate removal products to the industry and have expanded our unique product line to solve virtually any water quality issue that you may face.

Phone:  800.753.1233     Fax:  800.879.1233     Website:  www.naturalchemistry.com

NSi Industries

NSi has been an industry leader in electrical connectors, wire management products and related electrical components including the TORK ® brand products, manufactured in the company's Mount Vernon facility, covering the categories of Electromechanical and Digital Time Switches, Signaling and Alert Devices, Pool and Spa Controls, Residential Timers, Photocontrols and Occupancy Sensors.

Phone:  800.321.5847     Fax:  800.841.5566     Website:  www.nsiindustries.com

Ocean Blue Water Products

Supplying professional pool maintainers across the country, Ocean Blue Water Products provides a plethora of maintenance equipment and accessories.  Skimmers, rakes, poles and all other day to day tools that help you get the job done.

Phone:  866.533.2583     Fax:  773.330.4934     Website:  www.oceanbluewaterproducts.com

Ramuc Pool Paints

For over 70 years, Ramuc Pool and Deck Paints have been protecting swimming pool and deck surfaces from the back yard pool to the largest of water parks around the world.  If it’s Protecting the investment or recapturing the original beauty of the project, Ramuc has the solution for you.

Phone:  800.745.6756     Fax:  412.227.2618     Website:  www.ramucpoolpaint.com

SGM Inc.

SGM is the world's largest manufacturer of pre-blended interior pool finishes, also offers a variety of products to meet every need of the installation process from surface prep, tile and coping installation, and pool, spa, and deck finishes. SGM, develops and provides unique and innovative products to thousands of distributors, builders and service pool, spa and patio professionals worldwide.

Phone:  800.641.9247     Fax:  954.943.2402     Website:  www.sgm.cc

Shade Science, LLC

Pool Buoy (bo͞o-ē) is the first and only floating pool umbrella. It’s a light –weight seven foot umbrella that floats in any body of water deeper than 2 feet – pool, lake, river, ocean, you name it. You can cool off, unwind, and enjoy the sunshine without risking sun damage.

Phone:  210.858.8205     Fax:  210.858.5172     Website:  shadescience.us

US Motors

Specializing in replacement pool and spa pump motors, US Motors helps the pool professional keep their client’s pool system operating to the utmost efficiency. 

Phone:  800.483.3972     Fax:  314.553.2498     Website:  www.usmotors.com

Vacless Systems Inc

Based out of Ventura County, California, Vacless Systems founders have been in the pool business for over 60 years.  Their SVRS Vacless Safety Vacuum Release Systems provide added safety against suction entrapment and also act as a drain winterization device that extends the life of pool equipment.

Phone:  818.899.1700     Fax:  818.899.1744     Website:  www.vacless.com